People Are Talking (Year-End Edition)

’Tis the season of year-end round-ups—a time when people look back and collect their thoughts on the “best” works to appear over the preceding twelve months.And we’re happy to report that a couple of outlets have included Talk, Inc., on their lists of notable business books published in 2012.


The Web site 800-CEO-READ, a retailer and information clearinghouse that has become a key player in the fast-changing business-book market, put our book on its shortlist of titles in the “Leadership” category.

Strategy + Business, a magazine published by the consulting firm Booz & Company, placed Talk, Inc., on its “Best Business Books 2012” list. (Free registration required. Visitors can also download a PDF of the magazine’s entire package of articles on the best books of the year.)


The editors of Strategy + Business cite our book under the rubric of “Organizational Culture.”In a piece that covers books in that category, writer Sally Helgesen offers this summary comment:

Talk, Inc. makes a powerful case that effective talk is the primary means of motivating and inspiring loyalty among today’s increasingly social and connected workforce. . . . Talk in all its manifestations—intimate, interactive, inclusive, and intentional—is the cultural instrument required to get people engaged.

Meanwhile, consultant Karina Butera recently posted a review of Talk, Inc., at her Web site. Here, in brief, is her verdict:

Overall, the authors give a compelling case for broadening the function of Corporate Communication from a one-way, top-down approach, to a two-way exchange. Talk, Inc. is well suited to executives wanting to gain better employee and stakeholder engagement and is a must-read for anyone specialising in Corporate Communications.

As strong business relationships are built from productive conversations, I see this book as an excellent guide to assist you in your business relationship building.

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