People Are Talking (IV)

We spotted a couple of recent online references to our work—one from Canada, and one from Australia. Talk, it seems, does travel.

  • GlobeMail.jpgThe Globe and Mail, a leading Toronto-based daily newspaper, published a thorough (and thoroughly friendly) review of Talk, Inc., earlier this month.
  • At the Web site of the Australian Institute of Management (Victoria & Tasmania), blogger Leon Gettler cited our Harvard Business Review article in a round-up post titled “How to Be a Better Communicator.”

People Are Talking (I)

People are starting to talk about Talk, Inc., now that the book has been out for a couple of weeks. Here are quick notes on three recent media appearances.

  • userpic-550-100x100.pngJulia Kirby, editor-at-large at Harvard Business Review, interviews us for the magazine’s weekly IdeaCast program. It’s an audio podcast, titled “How Effective Leaders Talk (and Listen),” and it’s available for streaming either at the HBR site or through iTunes.
  • For her column in CFO Journal—an offshoot of The Wall Street Journal—Emily Chasan explores one key aspect of the argument that we present in Talk, Inc.: “Execs Need to Shift from Communication to Conversation.” (Note: Subscription required.)
  • In a post on the Smart Business magazine Web site, guest blogger Donna Rae Smith discusses our HBR article, “Leadership Is a Conversation.”