Expert Excerpt

Fast Company magazine recently published an excerpt from Talk, Inc., on its Web site. Offered as an “Expert Perspective” piece, the excerpt draws from Chapters 7 and 9 of the book. It’s titled “Want Passionate Employees? Include Them in Your Company Narrative,” and it begins thus:

Inclusion draws upon the two-way nature of real human conversation. Yet inclusive communication goes a crucial step further: FC cover.jpgIt extends the practice of back-and-forth interaction in a way that entitles people to give as well as take–to provide their own ideas, and not simply to parry the ideas offered by others. Within an organization, the practice of inclusion enables employees not just to interact with managers and colleagues, but also to serve as frontline content providers. In recent years, as that practice has taken hold at many companies, the overall structure of how organizations develop content has undergone a noticeable shift.

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