Five Easy Pieces

Want a simple, easy way to absorb some of the key ideas that we present in Talk, Inc.? In a sequence of five short pieces that we’ve posted here—and also at the Harvard Business Review site—we offer an alternative entry point for the content of our book.

In the first piece, “Changing the Conversation in Your Company,” we provide a broad overview of what “organizational conversation” means and why it matters.

Then, in the remaining four pieces, we touch on each of the four elements of organizational conversation. The purpose of each piece is to serve as a “conversation starter”—as a tool to help leaders begin a discussion about the way that they and their colleagues approach communication within their company.

In Talk, Inc., the primary unit of analysis is the organization: We focus on offering ideas and examples that point the way toward improving communication at a company-wide level. In these five blog posts, by contrast, we aim to provide insight on how individual leaders can become more conversational in their management style and management practice.

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