The Reviews Are In!

Well, a few reviews are in, at any rate. Over the past couple of months, several commentators from around the Web have reviewed Talk, Inc. And they’ve done so in very kindly terms, all in all.

This week, for example, a Canadian business writer named Wayne Hurlburt posted a notice about the book at his site, Blog Business World. Here’s a sample of his commentary:

For me, the power of the book is how Boris Groysberg and Michael Slind combine the theory and principles of organizational conversation, with the practical techniques for nurturing and developing the concept within any company. The authors present a very compelling argument in support of organizational conversation as essential for companies seeking more engaged and empowered employees.

And here two more notable items that we’ve spotted in our “review mirror.”

  • Bob Morris, at his Blogging About Business site, published a lengthy post about Talk, Inc.. A highlight of his review is a detailed list of “the passages, themes, and concepts that caught my eye throughout the narrative.”
  • Dan Erwin has put up a piece about the book at his blog, which focuses on “career development, career and neuroscience research, current affairs,” and much else. “Groysberg and Slind’s new work,” Erwin writes, “is a welcome addition to every manager’s bookshelf.”
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